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Solar Panel Cleaning
Poole & Bournemouth

Solar Panel Cleaning
Poole & Bournemouth

Amalgam solar panel cleaning Poole and Bournemouth service is ready to make sure that your solar panels are clean and kept in the best condition. With more and more of us focusing on conserving energy and using renewable energy sources, solar panels are becoming more popular with both residential and commercial properties. It is estimated that around 97,000 homes in the Uk have solar panel installations. 


At Amalgam we understand that it can be easy to forget your solar panels and leave them longer than is wise before cleaning them. In order to keep the panels working at the highest capacity they need to be regularly cleaned. That's why we want to make it easy for you to have them cleaned regularly. Book regular cleaning slots in with us, and our experienced technicians will ensure your solar panels keep transforming light into energy.

Why clean your solar panels? 


Solar panels work by taking light into their solar cells and then converting that light into energy. The more light = the more energy. However, if the light is blocked from entering the solar cells then it can affect the performance and generate less power. It can actually affect the solar output by up to 25% on most residential panels and more on commercial set-ups. 


What can cause such a big decrease in solar energy? Dust, dirt, leaves and bird droppings are all culprits. If your panels are angled upwards then you shouldn’t have water damage, but if you live in an urban area pollution can cause the rainwater to carry dirt which builds up on the panels. If you are near any trees then also leaves and bird droppings can rapidly build up, blocking the light from reaching the solar cells. This can have a large impact as the energy produced is affected by the light being blocked. 

Benefits of solar panel cleaning

There are four main benefits to having your solar panels regularly cleaned:

  1. It increases the efficiency of the solar panels, helping them to do their job of converting light to energy. 

  2. It keeps them well maintained and therefore they will last longer, protecting your investment.  

  3. It will save you money as cleaning the solar panel will help it to continue to work to its optimum capacity. 

  4. Having a qualified technician clean the panels is safer than trying to do it yourself, especially when technicians clean your solar panels with a pole-fed system. 

Solar Panel Cleaning Costs Poole and Bournemouth

Solar Panel Cleaning: (average cost)


Bungalow £10 Per Panel

House £15 Per Panel

High/Limited Access £20 Per Panel

How does solar panel cleaning work?

At Amalgam we use a water-fed pole system to clean your solar panels. This cleaning system uses an extendable carbon pole that feeds purified water to a soft bristle brush that can gently clean the solar panels. The extendable pole means that our qualified cleaning technicians can reach even difficult to get to panels and clean them to the same quality. 


As normal tap water is full of minerals and micro impurities we only use purified water for all of our cleaning services. This purified water has been filtered multiple times to remove any small particles, this then will dry streak-free with nothing left on the solar panels to block any light. Cleaning with the soft bristle brush can remove even the most stubborn debris, including bird droppings. The brush combined with the purified water will ensure that your solar panels are cleaned to the highest standard. 


When you get in contact with us about your solar panels we will come and take a look at your solar panel set-up. We can then access the work and give you a comprehensive quote. When our technicians come to the property on the arranged date and time they should be able to clean most of the solar panels from the ground using the water-fed pole system. Any material on the ground would need to be cleared away so that the technicians have clear and safe access to perform the solar panel cleaning. 


We recommend that solar panel cleaning be done regularly, at least twice a year, and in some cases more if the property is in an area that causes high volume of debris and dirt. These environmental factors can include nearby trees, areas of high rainfall, and local nesting birds. Get in touch with our expert team today and we can advise you on how best to maintain your solar panels, and how often cleaning is required.

Solar Panel Cleaning Bournemouth

Why choose us to clean your solar panels?

Amalgam Solar Panel Cleaning is:

  • Reliable - We come when we say we will and pride ourselves on our communication with our clients.  

  • Organised - Our team is organised and works together to give the best service. 

  • Professional - We use only the best equipment and materials to ensure you get the best possible clean.

  • Courteous - We are polite and enjoy building relationships with our customers. 

  • Efficient - With our efficient cleaning methods we don’t waste our client’s time. 

  • Experienced - Our team have years of collective experience.

  • Insured - Full public liability insurance.


"Very thorough gutter clean, with real care shown. Followed up by a fascia and soffit clean. Superb job, really transforming the house. Very professional and courteous. Highly recommended."

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