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Exceptional Roof Cleaning Bournemouth

Professional Roof Cleaning Services

Does your roof need some TLC? A dirty or unkempt roof does more than just interfere with aesthetics, a roof that is not maintained can lead to many other issues down the line. At Amalgam Exterior Cleaning, we use specialist roof cleaning equipment to make sure your roof is in the best condition it can be.

There are many external factors that can cause dirt to build up on your roof, from pollutants to organic growth of moss or weeds. It's important to address any issues early to avoid paying for costly roof repairs later down the line, which is why we offer comprehensive roof cleaning and moss removal services to our customers in Bournemouth. For more information, or for a FREE roof cleaning quote from our expert team, get in touch with Amalgam Exterior Cleaning now!

Is Roof Moss Removal from Roof Tiles Essential?


Moss can wreak havoc roof tiles, which are a prime location for moss, algae and lichens to grow. Due to the rainfall we experience in the UK, combined with humid conditions during summer months, your roof tiles are more likely to hold on to moisture and create the damp conditions for growth - even more so when a roof is shaded.

All of this organic buildup is not only messy and makes your roof look dirty, but it also can cause structural damage to your roof tiles. Moss removal should be a regular part of your home maintenance. Cleaning your roof regularly extends the life of the tiles or shingle and ensures that there is no damage over time. Regularly maintaining your roof, and roof moss removal saves you money over time as it will stop the roof from requiring replacement. It also helps to maintain your gutters, as roof moss removal ensures that there is less moss on the roof to be washed into the gutters. This helps keep your gutter and drain pipes clear of debris and helps to keep cleaning gutters down to a minimum.

How Does Roof Cleaning Work?

Every roof cleaning and roof moss removal job has a different set of requirements and we understand this at Amalgam cleaning services. That's why we take the time to have a full consultation with you to ensure we are giving you the best quality cleaning service possible in the Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset area. We can assess the roof quality and the necessary work so that you have confidence in the roof cleaning work that we will undertake. 

We will always start with a roof assessment to see if there is any visible damage that you the homeowner may not have been aware of. This can include any tile breakages or cracks. As moss likes to grow in this type of damage we may not be able to fully assess the condition of all the tiles until the roof has been cleaned thoroughly.

Our Three Stage Roof Cleaning Process:


When you choose Amalgam, you get more than just a standard service, you get our three stage process to ensure each and every roof tile is properly cleaned and protected. Allow us to break our process down for you:

Scraping and Hooving


We use a state-of-the-art pole system to scrape and hoover your roof to fully remove any moss or organic matter. This is with minimal mess, and without harming the coating on the roof tiles or the roof tiles themselves. This helps the moss removal and the other debris to be lifted from the tiles before the second stage. 

Thorough Brushing


With our specialised equipment, we then brush each tile making sure that it is thoroughly cleaned. To ensure full roof moss removal we focus particularly on damp, shady areas where moss is more likely to grow. Our soft carbon brush means you don't have to worry about damage to the roof surface after the cleaning has been carried out.

Biocide Spray


For the third stage, we recommend a biocide spray. This is a product that is applied after cleaning and once the roof is clear of any moss or dirt. We use BIO CLEANZE, which treats and controls the biofilm of biological growths like moss, lichen, mould and algae. It is applied to the full roof, coating the tiles and cracks between to eliminate microorganisms responsible for discolouration and structural damage.

Once the cleaning process has been completed, our team will clear up any fallen debris from the roof around your property, ensuring they leave it clean and tidy. Our professional cleaning team are the best in Bournemouth, Poole, and Dorset and you can trust us to look after your property.

How Often Should My Roof Be Cleaned?

How often you should have a roof clean differs between each property, and how big of an impact environmental factors can impact your roof. Considerations should include the conditions in the area you live - including weather, humidity, dampness, and common vegetation growth. Roof maintenance is essential for keeping your roof in good condition for years to come, and a clean roof is just the first step in this.

We recommend that you check your roof visually at least a couple of times a year, in spring and autumn. As soon as you start to notice a build-up of moss, lichen, or steaks of dirt then that would be a good time to give us a call. When you have your roof cleaned by Amalgam we use special products that should mean that your roof stays clean for a minimum of a year, so you shouldn't see a build-up during that time period. If you would like more information, get in touch now!

Why Choose Amalgam Exterior Cleaning for Roof Cleaning in Bournemouth?

If you're looking for professional roof cleaners in Bournemouth, Amalgam Exterior Cleaning is the team for you! We have years of experience offering our professional services to Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset, and more. Some of the reasons our customers will come to us time and time again for our professional services is because we are: ​

  • Reliable - We come when we say we will and pride ourselves on our communication with our clients.  

  • Organised - Our team is organised and works together to give the best service. 

  • Professional - We use only the best equipment and materials to ensure you get the best possible clean.

  • Courteous - We are polite and enjoy building relationships with our customers. 

  • Efficient - With our efficient cleaning methods we don’t waste our client’s time. 

  • Experienced - Our team has years of collective experience.

  • Insured - Full public liability insurance.


To find out more, or to arrange for our team to come out to clean your roof, contact us directly to have a chat with our exceptional team. We guarantee excellent, affordable services, so don't wait!

Get in Touch with Us Today for Roof Cleaning Bournemouth


For more information about roof maintenance, or to arrange our roof cleaning service for your home or business in Bournemouth, reach out to our experts now! While we're up there, why not arrange for our gutter cleaning, soffits and fascia cleaning, render cleaning, or solar panel cleaning too?


"Contacted Amalgam by phone and asked for a quote for clearing our badly blocked gutters. Representative called at appointed time and quoted for the job. I accepted the quote. A few days later two Amalgam staff arrived as arranged, and cleared out the gutters with no fuss or problems. They left the area clean and tidy. Very pleasant people to deal with and I would recommend them to others. Price was as quoted."

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