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Pressure Washing
Poole & Bournemouth

Pressure Washing Poole & Bournemouth

At Amalgam we specialise in pressure washing cleaning so that you can have a perfectly clean patio, driveway or decking in the Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset area. Having a beautifully laid patio or driveway can really elevate the exterior of a building. No matter how masterfully the patio or decking is laid though, it all requires regular maintenance and cleaning in order to look its best. 


We know that you don’t want to be spending hours of your valuable free time to get the patio cleaning, driveway cleaning or decking cleaning done. And so Amalgam looks after all of your patio cleaning, driveway cleaning and decking cleaning needs - leaving your residential or commercial exterior clean and sparkling. 

Why is patio cleaning necessary?


In order to get your exterior patio, driveway or decking in Poole, Bournemouth or Dorset looking like new, many people take on the job themselves to wash the exterior of their building. This however can take a lot of time and doesn't leave the best possible results. Domestic pressure washers do not have the correct pressure or flow per minute to ensure a thorough clean, meaning that you have to do it more often. So why should you have a professional pressure wash cleaning? 


One of the main reasons is to keep your patios and walkways safe for yourself and any visitors to the building. Over time moss, algae, lichens and green slime can accumulate and result in slippy surfaces. This can be dangerous and even cause slips and falls. Our professional high-powered cleaning equipment can clean powerfully and evenly, leaving a clean dry patio surface that is safe to walk on. 


Our expert team also leaves your patio, driveway or decking looking its best, improving the value of your residential or commercial property. First impressions are important, and having Analgam professionally clean the exterior walkways of your building means that you can impress from the first time guests step onto your property. Pressure washing Pool and Bournemouth, having your patio, driveway or decking cleaned regularly will also extend their lives, meaning that you won’t have to replace them as often. 

How Does Patio Cleaning Work?

When you get in contact with us and tell us you would like your patio, driveway or decking cleaned in Poole, we always take the time to do a thorough consultation and access the area that you would like us to clean. This can help bring to our attention any areas that are damaged or may need some care before cleaning. 


When we arrive for your patio or driveway cleaning appointment we will see what areas nearby would need to be protected, such as flower beds or nearby surfaces before starting to use the jet washer. The professional jet washer we use pushes a very strong narrow jet of water to lift and remove any debris from the surface of your patio, driveway or decking. This professional patio cleaning equipment is much stronger than the domestic washer you can get at a D-I-Y shop, and ensures that the area is cleaned to the highest quality. 


Our experienced jet washer technicians will use all the necessary safety equipment to ensure that the patio cleaning, driveway cleaning and decking cleaning is done in line with safety guidelines. They use a state-of-the-art jet washer that is much more powerful than a standard do-it-yourself machine. Our technicians take their time to make sure that the whole area is cleaned thoroughly. 


Typically we use two different kinds of pressure washing:

1- High pressure, high water flow for standard jet washing. Our machine is powerful enough to remove graffiti. This makes it perfect for heavy duty jobs.


2- Low wash, we can clean delicate surfaces at low pressure, but with hot water ranging from 0 degrees to 95 depending on what is needed. This looks after delicate backgrounds and cleans in a way that you cannot achieve with a cold water system.


With both of these types of pressure washing we use friendly chemicals when needed, biocides also to keep surfaces from greening up, preserving the surface clean for longer. Depending on the surface type we can also use quality substances to enhance the finish of our patio or driveway cleaning. We can use a high quality sand or high grade resealer to leave your patio or driveway looking the best it can. If you would like to add the extra sand or resealer to be applied after the cleaning then please let us know during your consultation, and we can advise you on the best finish for your patio or driveway. These optional extras can work well to protect your patio from becoming dirty sooner, helps it to keep its colour, and works well to deter any organic matter from growing on your patio or driveway.

Pressure Washing Bournemouth

What areas can be pressure & jet washed?

  • Patios 

  • Driveways 

  • Decking 

  • Fences 

  • Garden furniture 

  • Stonework 

  • Tarmac 

  • Swimming pools

Benefits of jet washing cleaning

  • It keeps everything looking new 

  • Helps you to see areas for repair 

  • Helps keep areas of footfall safer 

  • Better for the environment than cleaning with chemicals 

  • Increase property value 

Why choose us for your pressure washing in Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset?

Amalgam Pressure Washing is:

  • Reliable - We come when we say we will and pride ourselves on our communication with our clients.  

  • Organised - Our team is organised and works together to give the best service. 

  • Professional - We use only the best equipment and materials to ensure you get the best possible clean.

  • Courteous - We are polite and enjoy building relationships with our customers. 

  • Efficient - With our efficient cleaning methods we don’t waste our client’s time. 

  • Experienced - Our team have years of collective experience.

  • Insured - Full public liability insurance.


"Contacted Amalgam by phone and asked for a quote for clearing our badly blocked gutters. Representative called at appointed time and quoted for the job. I accepted the quote. A few days later two Amalgam staff arrived as arranged, and cleared out the gutters with no fuss or problems. They left the area clean and tidy. Very pleasant people to deal with and I would recommend them to others. Price was as quoted."

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