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Professional Render Cleaning Bournemouth

Render Cleaning Services in Bournemouth

Is the exterior of your home starting to look a little worse for wear? Render is applied to the outside of properties to protect and strengthen the brickwork beneath, but over time exposure and age can lead to organic growth, staining, and cracking in the material. At Amalgam Exterior Cleaning, we are dedicated to providing high-quality render cleaning services in Bournemouth to keep your home - and your wallet - happy. ​

Rendered surfaces face an ongoing battle with nature's elements, accumulating pollutants, algae, moss, and general dirt over time. Our meticulous render cleaning services are strategically designed to combat these encroachments, restoring your render to its original splendour. Discover how our process, combining cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly solutions, can transform your property's exterior. ​

Why Is Professional Render Cleaning Necessary?


Like with anything, a simple solution to tackling your render cleaning may seem to be the option to do it yourself, but to DIY a task like this could lead to more costs later down the line. The most obvious solution to somebody dealing with render cleaning for the first time may be pressure washing or using strong chemicals to attack any issues, which can have a negative impact on render if not done correctly. At Amalgam Exterior Cleaning, we have years of experience providing professional render cleaning services in Bournemouth, and we understand the best way to handle vegetation, cracking, fading, and staining. ​

By investing in professional render cleaning, you proactively preserve not just the visual appeal but, more crucially, the structural robustness of your property. This acts as a shield, safeguarding your property against potential damages that could be both aesthetically displeasing and financially burdensome to repair. Render cleaning is a strategic investment in the longevity of your property, ensuring that it stands resilient against the tests of time and nature. Trust Amalgam to be your partner in this essential maintenance journey, combining expertise, environmentally friendly solutions, and cutting-edge technology for render cleaning that goes beyond the surface, leaving your property in impeccable condition.

How Does Render Cleaning Work?

When you choose experts like Amalgam Exterior Cleaning, you can rest assured that we employ only the most advanced techniques and environmentally friendly solutions to guarantee your render is cleaned thoroughly and effectively. Whether you're looking for render at your domestic or commercial properties, we have the solution for you. Amalgam Exterior Cleaning will provide you with an:


Assessment: Our experienced team begins with a detailed assessment of your render, identifying areas with the most significant buildup of dirt, algae, or moss. This evaluation allows us to tailor our approach to the unique needs of your property.


Pre-Treatment: We apply a specialised cleaning solution to pre-treat the render, breaking down and loosening the accumulated dirt and organic matter like algae spores. This step is crucial for preparing the surface for the main cleaning process.


Soft Washing: Using a low-pressure soft wash system, we gently clean the render surface. This method ensures thorough cleaning without causing damage to the render itself. The soft wash effectively removes dirt, algae, moss, and other contaminants, revealing the true beauty of your render.

Rinsing: The render is then thoroughly rinsed to remove any remaining cleaning solutions and debris, leaving behind a clean and rejuvenated surface.

Protective Coating (Optional): Upon request, we can apply a protective coating to the render. This coating acts as a barrier, helping to repel dirt and contaminants, and extending the time between cleanings.

For more information on effective methods to render cleaning, get in touch with the experts at Amalgam Exterior Cleaning today to chat with our team or arrange our services for yourself!


How Often Does Render Need Cleaning?

The frequency of render cleaning depends on various factors such as the location of your property, environmental conditions, atmospheric pollutants, and the colour of the render. Light-coloured renders may show dirt more prominently, necessitating more frequent cleaning.

As a general guideline, we recommend having your render professionally cleaned every 1-3 years. However, properties in areas prone to high humidity, surrounded by trees, or experiencing frequent rainfall may benefit from more frequent cleaning to prevent the buildup of organic growth.

Regular visual inspections can also help determine when your render requires cleaning. If you notice discolouration, algae, moss, or general dirt accumulation, it's time to consider a professional render cleaning service.

Why Choose Amalgam Exterior Cleaning for Render Cleaning Services?

In and around Bournemouth, we have been ensuring our customers have their render cleaned to the highest quality, and we are pleased to have built up a customer base who chooses our services above anyone else time and time again. When you choose Amalgam Exterior Cleaning, you are choosing a team who are: ​

  • Reliable - We come when we say we will and pride ourselves on our communication with our clients.  

  • Organised - Our team is organised and works together to give the best service. 

  • Professional - We use only the best equipment and materials to ensure you get the best possible clean.

  • Courteous - We are polite and enjoy building relationships with our customers. 

  • Efficient - With our efficient cleaning methods we don’t waste our client’s time. 

  • Experienced - Our team have years of collective experience.

  • Insured - Full public liability insurance.

Find out more about our render cleaning service by getting in touch with our team today, we can offer you advice and a FREE quote for our services, so don't hang around and reach out to our team when it's time to give your render a good clean.

Contact Amalgam Exterior Cleaning Now for Render Cleaning Bournemouth


Make us your number one choice and contact the team at Amalgam Exterior Cleaning today! We're on hand to provide you with a professional render clean, and you can pair this service up with others too, including our roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning, fascia and soffit cleaning, and more!


"Very thorough gutter clean, with real care shown. Followed up by a fascia and soffit clean. Superb job, really transforming the house. Very professional and courteous. Highly recommended."

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